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Reasons Why your Business Needs an e-Commerce Platform

What if News headline tomorrow reads; “Nigerian government bans all Social Media”? By now, we probably all know that what the government cannot do, does not exist. The scary part is that there might be no prior notice. Bang! They’d fling us out.

Recent events and developments around the world have raised new questions in the minds of many who are trying to grapple with the reality of novel trends daily. Prominent among these questions include; “What does this mean?” “What happens next?” “How do we go forward?” One day we could wake up and everything we once held unto would be taken away from us. Some will be immediately replaced by something better or worse while most will simply disappear leaving a huge vacuum behind. A typical example is the banning of Twitter in Nigeria. A year ago, nobody would have imagined that a day like that will dawn on Nigerians when they would be restricted from vibing, connecting and networking on the bird App.

For businesses, the effect of a constantly changing system is even more devastating. Government policies (such as the Twitter Ban), inflation and other unforeseen factors can erode all you have labored to build in a nanosecond.

You need a concrete backup plan beyond the quicksand of social media. Something that your business can be solidly hinged on. No shaking! Your business needs to occupy an online space that is solely yours, no contest. No fear. That can be e-commerce platforms such as a website or an App.

It is a fact that there is a world of buyers online in need of your product or service offering. Having an e-commerce platform apart from protecting your business from packing up suddenly owing to an unfavorable social media policy will do the following:

  • Increase visibility: Give your business the deserved visibility locally and internationally as many people who surf the internet daily can easily stumble upon your website. Get seen with an optimized website designed by the best hands in the tech industry — Scnip. Visit our website to get started:
  • More traffic and turn overs: A website helps drive your target market to your doorstep directly. Once they find everything they are looking for on your business site, you can convert them to leads and sales afterwards. Easy breezy! At Scnip, we can show you how this can work through our team of digital marketing experts.
  • Effective customer care service: Telling your customers to call numbers or send DMs is exhausting on your part and theirs. Buyers are mostly too lazy to go through the rigour. A simple website or custom-made application for your business can have shopping cart features and other automated service options; all you need do is relax and let the system attend to customers for you. Less stress, more money!
  • Track your business growth: The key to business success is learning from past mistakes, taking calculated risks and measuring progress periodically against goals. All these are “follow-come” packages that e-commerce platforms offer. There are analytical tools in place to help you track your growth vis-a-vis your competitors. Stay ahead so as to stay afloat.

You probably see now that having an e-commerce platform for your business is non-negotiable. The benefits are numerous and no matter the scale or type of business you do, there’s a digital space to accommodate you and the guys at Scnip know exactly what you need. An e-Commerce platform is the only place where you are the boss, you control everything concerning your business.

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John Adebayo
John Adebayo

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